Equal Pay in the Workplace

Equal Pay in the Workplace

One of the biggest talking points of 2017 and the start of 2018 has been equal pay in the workplace. With discussions happening around the world, there doesn’t seem to be any employer or employee that isn’t weighing in on the topic and discussing the possibility of pay gaps in a variety of sectors.

Here at Zitko, like most recruiters, we’ve been following this topic closely; seeing what can be learned from the news and how we as a recruiter can help tackle any issues in pay that we see arise.

So what’s the information you should be aware of?

Under British legislation, employers must give women and men equal treatment in their employment contracts if they are undertaking ‘Like work’ or work to be of equal value in regards to effort, decision making and skill. The Equality Act 2010 expresses that employees can have discussions to establish if there are pay differences. Preventing this is classed unlawful and can lead to prosecution for employers who don’t follow the correct procedures. More information on your equal pay rights in the workplace can be found here.

All companies with over 250 employees are producing their gender pay reporting policies now, in line with the deadline in April 2018.

What we’re doing to tackle the situation

As a recruiter, it is of the upmost importance to us that our clients treat their employees fairly in line with the law and government legislations on pay. Zitko clients have benefited from additional statistical support and metrics, driven from the relevant and usable data in our in-house database.

What we’re going to be implementing in 2018 to continue supporting our clients

Here at Zitko in order to maintain our reputation as leaders in fire and security recruitment, we believe the recruitment industry should be like an open book, offering our candidates and clients the latest information on our sector, products and services. Listening to what our stakeholders had to say over the year we’re going to be releasing usable data including white papers, key industry statistics and much more to ensure full support to all those in fire and security.

Keep an eye on our website for updates and more information or get in touch with us regarding this subject on 01480 473245.

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