Is Virtual Reality a key tool for future recruitment?

Is Virtual Reality a key tool for future recruitment?

We couldn’t help but be interested in the recent Recruiter Magazine piece on how Virtual Reality could lead to ‘virtual recruitment’ moving forward; as a way for a candidate to fully experience a company. Although the technology isn’t yet quite mainstream, it will become so. The article highlights some clear synergies between the technology and our work to fully engage with a candidate. What’s most important – no matter what the method of communication – is that a candidate gets to know a company as fully as possible.

Continuous improvement is important to us at Zitko Consulting so it’s always useful to look at possible recruitment trends to come. Future technologies is also something that we work hard to understand, especially with our specialisms in the information technology and security environments.

While we can’t offer to package our communications up in virtual reality right now, we can promise complete transparency and openness through other methods. Here at Zitko, we know our IT and security clients inside out. We know exactly what they are looking for in their next role and we match the perfect fit. And we have key tools to help translate this to the candidates we work with, helping them get to know their potential new employer at a very early stage of the recruitment process.

Anything that can give candidates a clearer idea of what working in an exact business would be like is beneficial all round. It’s already an approach that is core to our candidate service. We provide an independent realistic view of our clients in tailored candidate information packs, individually designed to provide an impartial look at the company and the culture for the role we believe that candidate is suitable for. This isn’t about filling a role, but placing an individual in the very best job for them. Our candidate information packs give our job seekers the chance to see a company in a new way. And we know this extra investment we make for our candidates and our clients works. 40% of our placed candidates remain with their employer for over six years, thanks to our proven partnership approach and outstanding commitment we provide to all our customers.

So, will virtual reality become part of the recruitment toolkit in the future? Perhaps. As long as it’s not just style over substance and is instead utilised as a key way to make a real difference to the candidate. There really is no substitute for a candidate’s own perception of a business once they’ve seen it ‘for real’ coupled with the genuine support of a recruiter who knows that client inside out and has the candidate’s best interests at heart. That’s the most important part of the picture. And that’s very much the reality of our work here at Zitko Consulting.

Take a look at Recruiter Magazine online to read the original article we’ve referred to.

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