It’s not just logical, it’s LogicMelon

It’s not just logical, it’s LogicMelon

We talk a lot here at Zitko about how much our candidates mean to us; they are at the heart of all our work. Building a strong relationship with each and every individual is key and our team of recruiters are very good at it. There are however a number of systems and processes that help us along the way and we introduce you to one of them here.

LogicMelon provides software that allows us to quickly and easily post multiple job adverts and access multiple job board candidate databases at once. Using a system like LogicMelon means that we can worry less about getting the job details out there, and spend more time talking to the candidates directly, which is exactly as it should be!

Our investment in this system offers our clients a great return too. Turning around new job requests at the click of a button gives us and our clients access to candidates more quickly – and at no extra cost to those we work for.

There’s no doubt that we’ll continue to invest in the very best recruitment tools; to help us provide an excellent service for candidates and clients alike. You can see the LogicMelon feed in action right here on our website – on our latest jobs page.

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