The importance of quality over price in security systems…and in recruitment

The importance of quality over price in security systems…and in recruitment

A new white paper commissioned by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has established the importance of making security purchase decisions based on quality – rather than initial purchase price alone. In his dedicated feature in PSI Magazine, Editor Andy Clutton writes that the white paper aims to explore the price versus quality debate from the perspectives of both buyers and sellers of security solutions, in order to identify the relative advantages and disadvantages between low-priced and high-quality solutions.

The main findings of the paper clearly suggest that end users would find it far more beneficial to consider and deploy high-quality security solutions. The findings also reveal that there are many advantages for security providers who offer high-quality solutions to their customers, rather than merely competing with each other on the basis of price. The white paper also sets out recommendations for security providers to better demonstrate the value of their offering rather than compete on price alone.

It’s a challenge that we know many of our clients and partners in the security sector will resonate with. We can’t help but see synergies here with our recruitment principles too. Making business decisions on value rather than cost is hugely important to your recruitment approach. Your recruitment decisions are going to reap greater rewards for you if an investment decision is made on value rather than price. Security professionals in the sector should partner with a recruitment consultancy that focuses on quality outputs; offering a professional high end service to recruit and retain the very best professionals for the job. If you get it wrong, the real cost of your recruitment approach can be high.

Find out more about the research findings and download the white paper from PSI Magazine online.

In our 15 years’ experience of recruiting for the security sector, we’re proud to have built up strong relationships with leading organisations across the country; organisations that see the value in a partnership recruitment approach and call on us to deliver. To talk to us about the approach we take to recruiting professionals in the security industry, get in touch here.


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